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Welcome to Orlyonok

to Orlyonok!

Orlyonok is the largest all year around educational center in Russia which accommodates youth from the age of 11 to 15.
It is located in one of Russia’s most beautiful areas along the shores of the Black Sea in the territory of Krasnodar, 45 kilometers from Tuapse.

Youth from all regions of Russia and abroad are welcome to “Orlyonok”. Our center can simultaneously accommodate up to 3500 children in summer and 1200 in winter. The duration of a session is 21 days.

All of the children who arrive in “Orlyonok” are divided into groups of 25-30.  Two to three counselors each of whom are graduates from teacher training institutes and colleges work with each group.  All have received special training in “Orlyonok” for becoming certified pedagogical staff.

 Orlyonok's camps

There are seven camps in “Orlyonok” each having its unique name.  Four operate all year: “Zvyezdny” (Starry), “Stremitelny” (Sweepy), “Shtormovoy” (Stormy), and “Solnechnuy” (Sunny).  All but “Solnechnuy” consist of three to four story buildings with all the necessary facilities.  The latter contains modern cottage-cabins.

The summer camps include “Dozornuy” (Patrol),  and “Komosomolskiy” (Komsomol)” situated in architectural complexes with modern summer cabins and cottage-cabins, and “Olimpiskiy” (Olympic) which is housed in a two story building.

Each camp has showers, its own canteen, medical office, administration offices, special equipped places for team work, staff and utility rooms. Every camp also has its own sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and various outdoor activities.

Director General, Alexander Dzheus. Tel.: 007 (86167) 91237 Fax: 007 (86167) 92708 , orlyonok@orlyonok.ru


• Air and Space Museum:
Exhibition of history of aviation and space exploration, Hall of Military Honor, educational rooms equipped with computers, flight and driving simulators;

• Arts and Crafts Studio:
Nine educational rooms, museum exposition dedicated to traditional folk craft of Russia, video library;
• Astronomical Observatory:

Three educational rooms, exhibition of science fiction painting called “Time. Space, Human”, library with books on astronomy, observation decks, optical telescopes, astronomical tower.

Sports and tourism

Sports facilities of “Orlyonok”

1. The Central Stadium is the largest containing seats for 3000 spectators. It includes a football field; six race tracks; sections for long jumps, javelin, discus throwing and shot put. In addition, there is the small sports arena with two basketball and handball courts. Each camp has its own playing field for a variety of active games. “Orlyonok” also has a gym for indoor sports. 

2. The swimming pool of “Orlyonok” is an Olympic type pool with warm sea water of 26,5 degrees. Children swim 2 or 3 times per week in the pool in autumn, winter and spring on days and during hours determined by the schedule. Swimming is forbidden for children who haven't passed a health check. The swimming instructor and medical officer are always on duty when children swim.

„Orlyonok's“ swimming pool is also the place where new recruits for Russian Olympic swimming team are trained and supported.
In the summer children, teenagers and all guests of “Orlyonok” can enjoy the wonderful sea sand beach. The sun, sand and waves form a picturesque landscape creating an amazing atmosphere of harmony and joy of nature.


In the summer children go on one to two day camping journeys guided by experienced instructors.

There are 7 routes for walking and combined camping tours (getting to a particular place by bus). Some of them involve climbing mountains, visiting waterfalls, caves, dolmens, and picturesque sites of the Black Sea shore. Children sleep in tents in the equipped tourist camps. The duration of walking tours is 12 to 50 km (depending on the age of children). During the tours children get acquainted with history and legends of the Black Sea shore and the Northern Caucasus.

Social psychological service

Social psychological service is available for any teenager or adult seeking such services. The following rules apply:

  • a person decides himself/herself if he/she needs such help,
  • each person is guaranteed confidentiality of his/her name and any information disclosed during the consultation with a specialist.

The specialists of the social psychological service not only provide advisory assistance, they also carry out the following work:

  • group sessions aimed at developing communication and leadership skills and promoting healthy lifestyle.
  • group and individual diagnostics, which helps one learn something new about one's character traits (such as making one's vocational choice).
  • instructional support of teenagers, counselors, specialists of other departments and refresher courses participants and educational psychologists from other educational institutions.


Children and teenagers who visit “Orlyonok” from September till May go to “Orlyonok's” school. The school building consists of two four story buildings.

Inside, the school features 29 classrooms equipped with modern technologies. Modern PCs, internet connection and Multimedia resources enhance training and make each class an exciting learning experience.

International Department

Tel./Fax.: 007 (86167) 91440 interdep@orlyonok.ru
Office hours: Mon.-Fri. 8.00-17:00
Address: 352842, Russian Children's Centre „Orlyonok“, Novomikhailovski Village, Tuapse Region, Krasnodar Territory, Russia

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